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No other group on the planet can boast about their past speaker/trainers like we can.
Here are just some of our past trainers over the past 20 years:

Bruce Norris
Peter Fortunato
Robert Allen
John Schaub
Jack Miller
Jimmy Napier
Al Lowry
Mike Cantu
Ron LeGrand
Jason Palliser
Al Aiello
Casey Eberhart
Mike Butler
Jason Roberts
Shaun McCloskey
Bill Gatten
Wright Thurston
Chris McClatchey
John Jackson
Joe McCall
Lou Brown
Gene Guarino
Tony Youngs
Raymond Aaron
Kent Clothier
Larry Harbolt
Eddie Speed
Rick Harmon
and many more!

Pete Youngs
Ted Thomas
Alan Cowgill
Robyn Thompson
The Wolff Couple
Randy Hughes
Lee Phillips
Chris Johnson
Bob Diamond
Jack Bosch
John Leontti
Anthony Chara
Jim Aydelotte
Wendy Patton
Scott Meyers
Merrill Chandler
Nick Sidoti
Ernie Vargas
Rey Isidro
Kevin Sales
Larry Goins
Marco Kozlowski
Andy Heller
Kathy Kennebrook
Jack Fullerton
Jack Kelly
Joe Varnadore
Aaron Mazzrillo

Bill and Dwan Twyford
Alton Jones
Bill Cook
John Burley
Mic Blackwell
Randy Grigg
Matt Brauning
Craig Duswalt
Tom Antion
Glenn Morshower
Cliff Gager
Tom Zeeb
Bob Leonetti
George Antone
Frank McKinney
Jay Connor
Vena Jones Cox
Bill Bronchick
Reggie Brooks
Lee Honish
Paul Finck

Jim Banks
Jack Shea
Sue Nelson
Chris Richter
Donna Bauer
Jeffrey Taylor
Robert Shemin

Here's what others have to say about our
educational programs, networking, and benefits:


Alton Jones started in Law Enforcement at the age of 21 and spent 27 years patrolling Los Angeles streets. He wasn't getting wealthy driving a patrol car.


Alton attended our Prosperity Through Real Estate events and learned from our trainers and that built a six figure rehab income. Alton admits it's really good, but now he's reached the seven figure mark! Alton says, "I go to monthly meetings with Robyn and Steve Love. You have to learn from the right people in this business and that's Prosperity through Real Estate".


Robert Orfino was in the hole about $460,000. Robert attended his first meeting with Prosperity Through Real Estate in August 2012 and since then, he's profited by several millions of dollars in 3 states. "If it wasn't for you offering such great knowledge and techniques, I wouldn't be here today".


"Hi, my name is Trish and I wanted to thank Steve and Robyn Love for their great real estate club. I've been coming for a few years, and my husband and I closed 8 deals in our first year after being let go from my job. 

I'm just so thankful for Steve and Robyn for bringing all these opportunities to their members. So go for it, good luck".

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